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Latest Fitness Gizmos

It's a cold foggy morning and you'd rather stay snuggled in your warm quilt than put on your running shoes and head towards the gym.

You wish you had a home gym but there simply isn't enough space to install a treadmill or other large fitness equipments. Check out these smaller gadgets that offer a workout - one of them may be the answer to your dilemma.

Kinesis from Technogym in action

KINESIS by Technogym is a combination of weights and pulleys that offers three dimensional movement. This is used primarily for weight training, and is one step up on traditional machines. If you have used weight machines involving cables and pulleys, you know how rigid the movements can be. These are individual equipments for back, chest and triceps which move in one particular direction. The Kinesis machine has pulleys above your head, in your feet and also by your sides attached to the weights. The flexible wires allow for smooth movement which is why you can do much more than traditional exercises.

The manufacturer also claims that the machine doesn't cause any injuries.

Expert take on Kinesis

The claim that this machine doesn't cause any injuries is false. Adopting the wrong posture and technique can cause injuries, but the chances are less than those with traditional machines.

The USP of Kinesis is the safety it offers when it comes to doing exercises that engage more than one muscle group at a time. It's less risky to do compound exercises on it because you lift the weights with pulleys. It is also helpful for performing sport- specific moves like a golf shot.

Strength training without weights

BODYTEC by Miha works on the principle of electrical stimulation, and does away with the need for free weights and monstrous machines. You need to be attired in a vest and a pair of shorts to have electrodes fitted into the main areas of your body which include the chest, back, shoulders, abdomen, biceps, glutes and thighs.

The outfit is connected to a machine that looks almost like a casio player with LED display and control knobs. You can select the area you want to exercise and increase the intensity according to your stamina.

The machine starts sending small electrical pulses to the area. All you have to do now is make the right moves. For instance, if you want to exercise the biceps, imitate the movements of dumbbell curl or hammer curl as if you are holding weights in the hands. The movement combined with electrical pulses provide for contraction and expansion of the muscle. The company claims the electrical pulse provides for contraction of muscles deep inside the skin which free weights may not offer.

Miha Bodytec Gym Machine

These gadgets may work for novices as any kind of physical activity is beneficial.

But eventually you have to shift to conventional free weights and machine training.

You build muscles through contraction and relaxation. The most muscle gain is during lowering of the free weight which cannot be caused by electronic stimulation. There is still doubt about how much maximum resistance these machines can provide and will that resistance be good enough to cause controlled damage to the muscle needed for building up.

Vibrogym Form Trinity in Action

VIBROGYM by Trinity Healthtech has been on the market for a while. It was first developed by Russian scientists to rehabilitate astronauts who had lost muscle tissue and bone density due to lack of gravity in space. Besides stopping the loss, this machine helped in the gain of muscle mass. Vibrogym sends vertical vibrations up your body and the exercises done with this are much more intense than floor exercises. It's best for a person to start with exercises using his own body weight like squats or pushups. For instance, while performing a push up, the hands are on the plate and knees on the floor to perform box pushups.

Cost: Ranges from around INR 2 lakh for home- based machine to INR 10 lakh for premium version

Expert take on Vibrogym

This is not a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. You need to combine the workout on vibration plate with cardio and other exercises.

A personal trainer would be helpful because it's difficult to get adjusted to the vibrations and the exercises are strenuous which means you need somebody to keep pushing you to reach the target.

Those with pacemakers, any kind of cancer or tumour and children below 13 years are not recommended use of Vibrogym.